The Keg Room – Hamilton’s Pub with a K9 Menu

A pub for your pooch. Yes, you heard that right. The small town of Rototuna in Northern Hamilton is where you’ll find New Zealand’s one and only, The Keg Room. A humble abode featuring plenty of outdoor seating and the occasional beanbag for ultimate relaxation in the sun, The Keg Room is a dog friendly, foodie destination not to be missed. 


If at first you’re not greeted by owners, Mel and Andy, Malt the resident Chocolate Lab will happily welcome you and your pooch through the door. With up to 40 dogs (and their owners, of course) paying the bar a visit on a sunny weekend afternoon, your dog will never be at a loss looking for a canine companion to enjoy this one-of-a-kind dining experience with. 


Long gone are the days of leaving your pooch behind when you leave the house, with dogs now welcome almost everywhere we are. But for us here at Dog Friendly New Zealand, it takes more than a tolerance to four-legged friends and a lukewarm water bowl out the front for an eatery to be considered truly dog friendly.


Whilst some establishments have found their way into a dog lovers heart by way of doggie biscuits, meaty treats and mugs of pupachinos, The Keg Room has gone above and beyond, offering all of that and more. This eateries exclusive K9 menu will leave your furry friend spoilt for choice with savoury and sweet options, catering to any picky palate. 


It’s hard to go past ordering a cake with your morning coffee at any old cafe, let alone at The Keg Room…for your dog anyway. Doggicino’s are on offer and topped with a Chicken Liver Dust for extra flavour. For only $8, make it a combo with a Peanut Butter and Banana Pupcake. Or at $5 a pop, grab a Droolicious Doggie Donut made up of a tasty chicken base, iced and topped with dog friendly carob bites. 


dogs drinking pupacinos


But if it’s a weekend lunch you’re stopping in for, let your pup tuck into a bowl of juicy Beef Meatballs smothered in Tomato Sauce. And, if your four-legged friend has been on their best behaviour, why not treat them to one of The Keg Room’s doggie desserts; a cheeky Chicken Popsicle frozen on a Dental Chew. Yum! 


dog with pupcake


Exciting the pup parent in all of us, The Keg Room’s exclusive doggie offerings make this eatery undoubtedly, one of New Zealand’s top dog friendly establishments. With open hours from 3pm Wednesday through Friday and from 11am on weekends, be sure to head down to Hamilton’s favourite hang out for dogs and humans alike. We can guarantee neither party will be disappointed!

For more information, check out The Keg Room here.

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