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Where a vacant, waterfront warehouse and former gin distillery once stood, is now known as the bustling little hotspot, Orakei Bay Village. Nestled amongst greenery, walking tracks and somewhat surrounded by water, this little development is your one-stop shop for a perfect Saturday morning with your pup. 


With so much on offer, you’re bound to indulge in a bit of retail therapy, find your new coffee local, bask in the sun, and even take inspiration from a walk in nature. So grab a cuppa, get comfy and read on to see how my Cavoodle pal and I like to spend a day right here, in Orakei. 


Get one with nature with a walk around the basin

Switch up your usual morning walk route and embark on the dog friendly track that is the Orakei Basin loop. Leash up your furry friend and treat them to a track consisting of boardwalks and bridges, just shy of 3 km. Perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes this walk attracts Dachshunds to Dobermans and everything in between. On one side, wide areas of inlet and grassy patches line the path, a perfect place to let your dog off leash to run free and swim in the basin’s ocean water, no doubt making a friend or two along the way. And what’s a walk without a few steps, right? Trekking the few flights of stairs amongst the trees will whisk your mind away to hiking deep within the ranges, forgetting you were ever in this suburban area of Remuera at all. 


Now your endorphin levels might be high but your caffeine stock is running low and we think, what better way to conclude a walk than with our all time favourite morning ritual, a cup of coffee! We suggest grabbing your furry friend and making the quick trip across the road to Orakei Bay Village where from there, the opportunities are truly endless. Mosey around the boutique stalls, eyeing up beautiful prints and homeware, or wander around the corner to the Urban Herbalist for all things health and well-being. Why not even indulge yourself in a spot of pampering? Sit back and relax in one of the lounging chairs at Coco Nails & Beauty, treat your nails to a manicure and have your pooch sit on your lap whilst you’re at it! But firstly, with a walk under your belt, an appetite built up and coffee to drink, we suggest heading to one of these eateries for a bite to eat and a chance to rest your feet. 

Sit back in the sun with a coffee in hand at Ampersand

First up is Ampersand Eatery.  Well known for its brilliant dishes, slick service and relaxed atmosphere, this cafe by day turn restaurant by night is absolutely dog friendly. Whether it’s a casual weekend brunch, morning coffee or relaxed lunch you’re after, Ampersand Eatery is your local destination for any occasion. With a breakfast menu boasting Supergrain Bircher to Smoked Kahawai, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes time to order your morning fuel. But with all tough decisions aside, nothing really beats sitting back in the sun, a coffee in hand, overlooking the marina with your pooch by your side. It’s the best kind of quality time we could ask for!


Cafe interior with tables and chairs
Image sourced from www.ampersandeatery.nz.

Refresh your body with healthy and utterly delicious smoothie bowls

Whilst a classic Eggs Benedict may be tempting to some, a fresh and light breakfast might appeal to others. If that sounds like a bit of you, check out the menu and place your order at Orakei Bay Village’s one stop smoothie shop, Bowl and Arrow. Specialising in smoothie bowls, coffee and raw treats, Bowl and Arrow focusses on combining quality ingredients and a whole lotta love and care to bring you your daily dose of healthy, unprocessed, yet delicious foods that you don’t feel bad about craving! With a menu made up of Acai bowls, freshly pressed juices, blended smoothies and even a jar of dog biscuits on the counter, there’s something on offer for everyone – including your four-legged friend!


Pull up a chair and get comfy amongst the plants

If a bit of relaxed fine dining or fresh smoothies don’t take your fancy, head downstairs to Orakei’s one and only Kings Garden Cafe. Hidden away within Kings Plant Barn, this cute little cafe lets you sit amongst the greenery and enjoy a bite to eat with food options ranging from their extensive cabinet morsels or plates from the menu. And of course, Kings Garden Cafe is dog friendly too, meaning you can take a seat and let your pup sit down right next to you.


waitor serving coffee at garden cafe
Image sourced from www.kingsgardencafeorakei.co.nz.


With water bowls at the ready and a dog at almost every corner in sight, after only setting one foot in Orakei Bay Village, you know it’s a space where your furry friends are welcomed, admired and loved making it one of our favourite Dog Friendly places in New Zealand. 

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