Mount Wellington – A morning to remember

Surrounded by walks around the water and mountains to climb is Auckland’s very own suburb of Mount Wellington. Known for its industrial vibes and shopping experience, Mount Wellington’s not usually a final destination, nor is it considered dog friendly. Well dog lovers, we’re here to change your mind. With a handful of walks easily accessible within this vicinity and a dog friendly foodie destination like no other, head to Mount Wellington for a morning in the sun with your furry friend this Spring. 


Mount Wellington Summit


The first walk to treat your pup to is quite obviously the big mountain sitting in the middle of Mount Wellington; a trek up to the summit of Maungarei itself. The steep incline of Goldsbury Track will lead you to the top in about 25 minutes, where from there take in the spectacular 360-degree views of Auckland. Great for dogs who love a bit of adventure!

Pakuranga Rotary Walk


If a long walk along the water sounds more appealing for you and your four legged friend, why not try the Pakuranga Rotary shared path. At a solid 9km long, safe for cyclists, walkers and pups alike, this Rotary walk starts only a few hundred metres from Panmure Basin and will take you along a smooth, flat path through to Half Moon Bay. A great way to use up your dog’s energy with generous views of the Tāmaki River along the way. 


dog walking along boardwalk by the water
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Stonefields Heritage Trail


Skirting the walls of the old quarry rock face and offering excellent views of Stonefields, Mount Wellington and beyond, is the Stonefields Heritage Trail. Just shy of 2km long, this newly opened walking path will take you through sections of pavement, gravel and a wetlands boardwalk, treating your pup to a whole bunch of new sights, sounds and smells to get their tail wagging. 


With a morning walk out the way, it’s time to refuel and chill with a much needed coffee in hand. Whilst brunch specialty cafes are scarce in the area, we’ve got our eyes on one we know humans and their canine counterparts will love, equally. In the heart of Mount Wellington’s industrial area, nestled amongst the hustle bustle of factories and showrooms sits one little eatery, Wren Cafe. It’s beginnings were inspired due to the lack of similar offerings within the neighbourhood and since their arrival, the Mount Wellington’s foodie scene has never been better. 


interior of cafe with barista machine and royal green tiles on wall
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Rated by brunch goers for their Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Eggs Bene or the Ginger & Cardamom Pancakes with Butterscotch Sauce, this little piece of paradise will not disappoint on the food front. Wren Cafe is Lunn Ave’s green oasis with walls lined with royal green tiles, exposed copper pipework, broad cane light shades and a tropical print feature wall giving off tropical vibes all round. If we can’t travel to Bali, why not travel to Wren, right?


cripsy buttermilk chicken eggs benedict
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With a team of baristas on hand pumping out coffees from 7am on the daily, this stylish spot ticks all the boxes for humans. But, the real question is, how does Wren Cafe stack up against the rest for our furry friends?


Whilst the interior of this eatery is reserved for two-legged patrons only, the welcoming outdoor space is guaranteed 100% dog friendly with water bowls and blankets provided. Protected from the elements, the area is covered by electronic shutters to let light in from above, or closed off providing shade for the doggos on hot days. And the best part of it all, Wren’s very own Instagram hashtag for the hounds, #DogsofWren. 


dog sleeping on ground at cafe
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So next time you’re on the way to your usual dog walking scene, why not reroute and experience all that Mount Wellington has to offer. With the Stonefields Heritage Trail a short few hundred metres from Wren Cafe, ditch the car and enjoy both attractions at once. And don’t forget to post a photo of your pooch to Instagram with the hashtag #DogsofWren. We’d love to see how many of our furry friends pay a visit to this hidden piece of paradise.  


Check out Wren Cafe on Instagram here.


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