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The Dog Friendly New Zealand app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


“This is the number one download you need on your phone – Filled with pinpoints of dog friendly stays, hikes, beaches and much more, we promise you that life as a dog owner will be made so much easier with the help of this app.”


Stop what you’re doing, because we have a public service announcement for absolutely every dog owner in New Zealand, you can thank us later.

As most of you know, we connect the 440,000 dog owners in New Zealand with dog friendly destinations and businesses through our social media platforms and our editorial website, but we wanted to take it one step further and give kiwi’s access to all of those places on the go, with a useful mobile app.

If it’s one thing we’ve all struggled with in the past, it’s where you can take your dog (without breaking the rules). We’re all about sensible dog ownership here people!

The Dog Friendly New Zealand app is the ultimate dog owner essential for a more dog inclusive lifestyle with your canine counterpart. No more leaving your fur-baby at home, you’re coming too, bb.

For years it has puzzled us why in European countries (with so many more people), dogs are welcomed on public transport, hotels, beaches and everywhere for that matter. So we set out to find more dog inclusive locations and encourage businesses and services to see dogs in a different light.

Explore new dog friendly destinations by category

The DFNZ app allows users to explore new dog friendly places by category so they can get the information they need quickly. Our no-fuss app is easy to use and even easier on the eye!

dog friendly new zealand app


Search for dog friendly hikes, parks, beaches and more by location

We as dog owners knew that searching for everything near you was an important part of our app. Searching by location allows users to zoom in and scroll around the whole country. Just click the world map icon at the bottom of your screen. Exploring new places to take your dog has never been so easy!


dog friendly new zealand map

Going away on a dog friendly vaycay? Plan ahead with the Dog Friendly New Zealand app

If it’s one thing we enjoy more than a dog friendly holiday, it’s planning a dog friendly holiday. Be prepared and plan ahead with our ‘favourites’ feature. Once you’ve found a place you like the sound of, click the heart to save it to your favourites or if you’re ready to roll, click ‘take me there’ to get directions from Google Maps.

dog friendly places


Download the Dog Friendly New Zealand app today

If that isn’t enough to sway you, take a look at all of these stays, campsites and walks you could be exploring! All just a download away… the only question left to answer is:


dog friendly map


Download the Dog Friendly New Zealand app here


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