Kelly McFarlane – Behavioural Consultant

If your dog is unhappy, anxious, destructive or extremely noisy, it can make life pretty unbearable for everyone involved. We aren’t all gifted with the ability to see the world through a dog’s eyes so things can get a little lost in translation, no matter how great your human-canine bond. Enter, Kelly McFarlane. With over 20 years of hands-on experience communicating with, training and socialising dogs, Kelly is well versed in all types and breeds, and has a particular passion for taking on tricky students to help them become happier and more understood.

With television appearances on The Project and radio interviews with The Breeze, it’s safe to say Kelly knows her stuff. We’ve all been there – those tough days when our dog is playing up, embarrassing us and just generally making life difficult. Whether he’s jumping up on people, yelling at everyone in sight, or pulling excessively on the leash, Kelly has got you.

Unlike most of us, Kelly relishes in these types of behavioural problems and will gladly set up an initial consultation either in your home or at Vetcare Grey Lynn to assess the issue and determine how best to solve it. This consultation is generally 1.5 hours and will include a full written report and simple training and management plans that involve positive reinforcement techniques for a happier, more relaxed dog. Alternatively, Kelly also offers online consultations for those who aren’t in the Auckland vicinity. Once your initial assessment has been completed, follow up sessions are available and charged out hourly, which allows you to tailor your plan based on how much ongoing help you require.

With so many new puppy owners having worked from home for much of 2020, separation anxiety is extremely common and can be quite debilitating for your beloved pooch. If you’re experiencing issues such as excessive toileting inside, destructive behaviours and noise complaints while you’ve been out, chances are your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Kelly is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, so she can help your dog learn to relax when you’re away from them.

On top of all this, if you’re about to bring a new pup to your life, Kelly can come to your home and “puppy proof” your home! She will help your new best friend get settled and set up for a life of happiness and good behaviour. From teaching your puppy their name, how to sit, mat training and toilet training, this really is the essential guide for any new paw-rent.

Seriously, is there anything Kelly can’t do? We think not. Book us in!

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