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Holidaying, whether it be camping at the beach, a stay at the lake house or at home by the pool, should be a time of tranquility, rejuvenation and simply, some peace and quiet. With fresh crays on the barbie and the kids and family pup finally chilling out after a long day of swimming and splashing, the last thing anyone wants (or needs) to experience is the stress and worry of a trip to the medical centre. And we’re not talking about human related injuries here…rather, a poorly pet.


Hours from the closest pet hospital, let alone veterinary clinic is not the most ideal situation when you find your beloved fur baby feeling under the weather. But lucky for us, modern technology has once again pulled through and now provides dogs and dog owners alike with professional veterinary advice, when it’s needed most! 


Let me introduce to you, VetOnline Consult New Zealand – the country’s newest easy, convenient and trustworthy veterinary service, sure to make dog owners’ lives that little bit easier. 



The team at VetOnline Consult know how much you love your pet and understand how stressful it can be when they’re unwell. That’s why this group of experienced, New Zealand Vet Council registered and caring Kiwi veterinarians have come together to offer a premium service unlike any other – affordable, video-conferencing vet consults from the comfort of your home.


With video calls, voice calls or messenger consultation options available, choose a meeting method best suited to you. And with an online store housing a wide range of flea, worming and pet supplies, VetOnline Consult helps to provide maximum convenience to pet owners, with minimal stress to pets. 


We’ve all been there and have to admit, it can be hard to know if a pup-related unexpected situation or injury requires urgent care. Unsure if a limping leg or red rash is worth a trip to the pet hospital? The team behind VetOnline Consult is readily available to talk with you through your pets issue, outlining potential causes, treatment options and prognosis, ultimately guiding you through the decision of whether a trip to the emergency pet hospital is necessary or not. 



Bridging the gap between veterinarian clinics and poorly pets has never been easier than it is now, meaning you can really relax when heading to that dog friendly destination for a few weeks over the summer break with your family pup, knowing a respected and reliable veterinarian service is available with a simple phone call, as and when needed. 


So next time you find your boisterous beagle in a dodgy lake or reckless rottie with a prickle in his paw, don’t stress! A quick message or video call to VetOnline Consult will leave you and your dog in the trusting hands of Dr Cori or Dr Kim, who are sure to have your worries resolved in no time. 


VetOnline Consult is conveniently open before and after regular vet clinics with their first appointment at 6am and last by 11pm. Available for calls 7 days a week, remote online consultations price at $32.50 via video call, voice call or messenger. Reduce the possibility of unnecessary vet trips with your pup under the helpful and trustworthy guidance of VetOnline Consult. For more information, check them out online here.

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