Dog friendly Garden Bars we’re loving in Auckland

Nothing truly beats unwinding with the first sip of a cold house brew, freshly shaken cocktail or drop of red after a long week at work. Well…maybe one thing: doing it with your pup by your side! 

Dog friendly eateries, beaches, holiday homes and parks are well and truly our forte, so when it came to digging out some of Auckland’s best dog friendly bars, we didn’t want to share those that juuuust made the cut. We wanted to make it extra special.  

Introducing… Auckland city’s top dog friendly garden bars. 


Rosanna’s Garden Bar & Eatery

Located in the heart of Kingsland and boasting a beautiful oasis-style setting, Rosanna’s Garden Bar proves well and truly deserving of a place on our list of dog friendly garden bars. Tucked away down a driveway, hidden by surrounding palm trees and featuring a deliciously sun-drenched courtyard, Rosanna’s is the spot to be for an after-work drink, catch up, or romantic dinner. 

Bring along your four-legged friend and let them socialise with their canine companions as doggie treats are shared and water bowls are lapped. Whilst the fur-kids are having a hoot of a time, sit back, relax and take in the stunning surroundings of luscious leaves and blooming blossoms. 

Fancy a cocktail? Sip on a classic Cosmopolitan or wake up with an Espresso Martini. If something a little fruity tickles your fancy (how does a Black Plum Daiquiri sound?) treat yourself to one of Rosanna’s finer cocktails, featuring a selection of delectable ingredients and quirky combinations. We can guarantee Rosanna’s will not disappoint either you or your pup!


Hoppers Garden Bar

Come one, come all to the popular inner-city establishment that is Hoppers. An Alice In Wonderland-esque garden bar nestled near Ponsonby Central, Hoppers is the perfect place to finish off the old 9-5, or organise a weekend catch up.

Featuring a menu to be enjoyed from dawn to dusk, Hoppers invites you to join them with your furry friend and nestle away from the daily hustle and bustle. Bite into a bao bun, pop a piece of fried camembert or nibble away at a sharing plate. Our pick? The sizzling cheese dip, hands down!

Revealing 18 craft beer taps, fine wines and an elegant array of botanical gin cocktails featuring gins from both local distillers and around the world, Hoppers is sure to please even the pickiest diner. 

Head to Hoppers this weekend with your friends (four-legged ones too) and don’t forget to snap a photo of it all! Check out @dogsofhoppers and see the furry faces of pups who have previously dined before. From Frenchies to Retrievers, every pup is welcome!


The Glass Goose Bar & Eatery

Perched at the top of a hidden staircase just off Federal Street, The Glass Goose Bar & Eatery takes the title of Auckland’s inner-city sanctuary for diners and their dogs alike. Modelled off a garden glasshouse, this secret rooftop eatery is open for lunch, drinks and dinner, providing us with a mid-week break or weekend city adventure.

With a contemporary, yet casual and inviting space, The Glass Goose Bar & Eatery is too good not to share. Tuck into the prawn taco bite or try your tastebuds at the mussel fritter whilst sipping away on a spiced apple mojito – uh, yum! 

And of course, companions of the canine kind are more than welcome to park up with their parent. As long as they’re on their best behaviour!


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