Top 5 dog shampoo brands everyone’s talking about

Forget the old hose-down we’re all about the doggie day spa

In our home, we have a full bathroom caddy filled with a variety of dog shampoo bottles, brushes, nail clippers, scissors, wipes… the list goes on. Of course, that doesn’t just cater for the dog but the cat too – all hail the waterless shampoos for our feline friends!

Now, we don’t expect everyone else to let pet grooming products take over the bathroom, but when you combine a shopping addiction with a pet obsession, these things happen. It also doesn’t help that Millie has sensitive skin, so not only does she get bathed often to keep seasonal grass allergens at bay, I tend to alternate her shampoos between medicated and luxury products – this is the excuse I use anyway, for enabling her extensive beauty collection.

We’ve put together our five favourite dog shampoos that are so heavenly, you will wonder if you can use these products in your own shower (life hack: you can!).



Image credit @theouai

Yes OUAI – our all time favourite hair care brand now has an all new pet shampoo!

As always, celebrity stylist Jen Atkin’s luxury brand did not let us down. The highlight is the classy, signature scent of ‘Mercer St’ – the same fragrance in OUAI’s human shampoo with notes of Orange, Peony, Jasmine and Musk. So not only can your pet smell as incredible as a fresh blow wave but you can both match! We love this journey for you, bébé. While focusing on concerns of dryness and coat dullness, it is an ultra-gentle formula designed to moisturise, softly cleanse and bring a gloss to your pup’s fur. It needs to be said that due to the lack of detergents this shampoo does not lather excessively, so don’t expect a bubble bath, but this goes to show how natural and gentle it is. With no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or other harmful ingredients, I am completely sold on this product. I can also confirm Millie still smells lush three days later and her smooth coat shines bright like a diamond.

Ouai ‘Fur Bébé is available at Sephora:



Image credit @marleysminiaturelife

Troopets are a relatively new specialist dog grooming brand, hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

They believe that pets are ‘our friends, our companions, our troops’, which is where the name Troopets originated from. Umm, love that! These guys are following a very natural route, and are proud to use a range of premium quality pure essential oils and extracts to take the best care of your pet’s hair and skin. They are 100% Australian made and contain no petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances so you can use them on even the most sensitive skin. I picked up a bottle of the Lemon Myrtle Relief Dog Shampoo for Millie in the hopes it would help calm her easily inflamed, sensitive puppy skin, needless to say, I was not disappointed. After a trip to the park and running through wet grass, Millie had a quick bath with her new Relief Shampoo and her irritated legs were calmed and soothed. While the fragrance doesn’t stick around as long as I would’ve liked (because it smells like heaven!), Millie did feel thoroughly cleansed. What I love most about Troopets is the inclusion of pure essential oils in their products, so your dog can reap the benefits of aromatherapy at the same time. Hands up those of you with hyperactive puppies – grab the Soothing Lavender for calming benefits, you can thank me later…

The full Troopets range is available at Pets of Ponsonby:



Image credit @mydogisasheep

Apothecary lovers, rejoice!

Cult Australian label Aesop kindly extends its skin and haircare range to pampered pets, too! ‘Animal’ dog shampoo gently softens coats and soothes sensitive skin with its lemon, tea tree and spearmint oils. We all know and love Aesop for its clean branding, vintage style packaging and classy fragrances, and their pet offering is no different. Millie smells a million bucks after using Aesop – the signature woody scent seems to stick to her for a good few days and I can imagine on a long-haired dog the staying power would be even longer! With the signature amber bottle (which is made from a minimum of 97% post-consumer recycled PET), Aesop brings a unique kind of boujee-ness to your bathroom, which we are totally here for. While we can keep going on about how Instagrammable it will make your bath look, let’s focus on what matters. Tea tree is a well known natural repellant for fleas, so it’s the ideal addition to the bathtime routine of a pet with flea bite allergies, and with the deodorising properties of lemon it’s the perfect choice for active, long haired pooches.

Aesop ‘Animal’ is available at Simon James Design: or Aesop NZ:



Image credit @falinetheminidachshund

Kiehl’s, a favourite brand amongst beauty bloggers, delivers on the canine-care front

Known as the history-nerds of skin-care (for good reason) – they have been around since 1851, thank you very much! With cult products such as Crème de Corps and Kylie Jenner’s favourite, the Daily Reviving Concentrate, Kiehl’s aren’t here to muck around. Kiehl’s bring their extensive knowledge through to their dog grooming range; formulated with Chamomile Flower Extract, the Cuddly Coat Grooming Shampoo gently and effectively removes dirt, debris and odour from your dog’s coat while leaving the light, clean and fresh scent Kiehl’s products are so famously known for.

I’d love to see this dog shampoo used on a long-haired dog, as Millie was so soft after using this that I can only imagine the cuddle factor of a Samoyed after bathing in this lush formulation. Soap-free and PH-balanced, what’s not to love? This luxury shampoo requires a place in your dog’s home day-spa, stat!

Kiehl’s ‘Cuddly Coat Grooming Shampoo’ is available at Smith & Caughey’s:



Image credit @kinpetnz

This one’s for the sweet-toothed pet parents amongst us – welcome, Kin.

Made from a natural blend of Sweet Vanilla, Totara and Harakeke Oil, Kin’s Good As Gold Dog Shampoo is not only effective and deliciously fragrant, it is the most wholesome of all products listed here. I absolutely loved using this on Millie, and the simple ingredient list gave me confidence that I was only applying the necessities to her sensitive skin – I knew exactly what all the ingredient names were which made it feel straight forward, but still luxurious and high end. All ingredients in Kin shampoos have been carefully chosen for their beneficial properties and natural effectiveness, carefully crafted using New Zealand natives. They will nourish and protect while being gentle on your dog and the environment. Not only that, but Kin is proud to be free from sulphates, parabens, artificial dyes or colours, artificial fragrances, polyethylene glycols and mineral oils. What more could you ask for? Well, Millie emerged from the tub soft and smelling fresh, with a lovely shiny coat – no to mention, smelling like a wee vanilla ice cream!

The full Kin range is available at Kin:


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