The Farmhouse

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, the township of Clevedon and its country charm has a way of drawing people in. And by people, we totally mean us and our four-legged friends. The paved path township welcomes pups of all shapes, sizes and breeds with dog friendly beaches and bush walks, not to mention markets, boasting brownie stalls for us and doggie treats for them. A win-win by our books and one way to keep the barking at bay! And now with Clevedon’s latest eatery offering coffees, croissants and canine water bowls, there really is nothing to fault about this countryside town and its pet friendly perks. 


It doesn’t take long to get yourself out of the city with a mere forty minute drive south east of Auckland, leading those venturing to Clevedon down a dusty dirt road to The Farmhouse Cafe. Sitting atop a patch of grass overlooking the Clevedon countryside, the little white villa that is The Farmhouse is the area’s newest eatery. Designed for dining during the warmer months, the old school villa offers a whole lot of outdoor seating space, perfect for anyone bringing along their furry friend. With a carpet of grass lined with lush lavender featuring picnic tables, beanbags and fringed canvas umbrellas or an open patio boasting farmland views, you’ll be truly spoilt for choice of where to sit back, relax and breathe easy with your pup welcome right by your side. 

lavender flowers around white villa


The super casual setting of The Farmhouse means you’ll never overstay your welcome with food offerings to suit an early morning breakfast or cater for a light lunch. The minimalist menu encompasses fresh ingredients and simple dishes done well, with a spread of cabinet food on offer tasting as good as it looks. Toasted banana bread with lashings of coffee and maple peanut butter, honeycomb and caramelised banana take the cake on the sweet front, whilst scones laden with juicy dates, orange zest and lathered with butter, are a contender for the top spot. 


savoury brioche and iced coffee


If you’d prefer to kick sugar to the curb, why not order a slice of sourdough featuring a range of unique toppings such as pesto, avocado and sauerkraut or buffalo marinated cheese, smoked fish and sprouts. If something on the go is more your style, we can proudly vouch for the savoury brioche. Order one of these and treat yourself to a delish relish, wilted spinach and melted cheese, all nestled within layers of pillowy brioche bread – you definitely won’t regret it! So take your pick or try it all and treat your taste buds to all The Farmhouse has to offer. Whatever you decide, we can guarantee it’ll be devoured. 


man walking along dirt path


Now that you’ve relished in all The Farmhouse has to offer on the food front, it’s time to treat your pup to something they will love. And what could be better than walkies? Luckily, The Farmhouse is home to a dog friendly, leash necessary, loop walking track that will lead those venturing out on a casual 40 minute stroll around the perimeter of the countryside estate. The winding dirt path leads along clear streams of running water, circling paddocks, farmland and old trees. And if you visit in Spring, prepare for a few cute surprises with lambs, ducklings and calves making an appearance along the way. 


Whether it’s townies venturing out of the city, or locals lingering within the area, the rolling green hills, crisp blue skies and paddocks of farmland have a way of making us feel calm and collected. So leash up your pup and let them explore the sights and sounds of The Farmhouse, making this destination your next doggie date. 

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