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If you’re a parent to a pooch, you’ll understand us when we say, you truly do love them like a child. We fuss over them, treat them and even take them out with us for a Sunday brunch. And if you love your pup as much as we love ours, there’s no doubt you’ve acknowledged their special day every year, since the day they were born.


Some may say “What? Birthday parties for your dog are a real thing?” Yes, by our books they definitely are. As humans, we love nothing more than decorating the house, inviting friends over and enjoying some good food, all whilst celebrating the joy that is you! So why not treat your four-legged friend to the same ordeal?


Since welcoming them into our lives however many years ago, our canine counterparts have done nothing but spoil us with love and affection. They truly are our best friend – there for us through thick and thin, when we laugh and when we cry.  This makes them in our opinion, the most worthy and deserving recipient of a birthday cake on their special day.


Now, you may be thinking these liver flavoured, peanut butter filled cakes would be difficult to come by. Well, luckily for you they’re definitely not as hard to get your hands on as you may think. We’ve gone to the trouble of rounding up some of the best places, specialising in cakes for not only us, but our pups too. 


One for me, one for you?

Amy’s Secret Kitchen is our first, one stop shop for all treats human, and pup friendly. With a range of beautiful dog cakes on the menu, as well as pupcakes and handmade doggie biscuits, this Ponsonby based cakery will have your pup spoilt for choice. Each pet friendly treat has been lovingly made up of a base of carrots and peanut butter and topped with a wholemeal cream cheese icing (YUM). A gorgeous treat for your fluffy loved ones, these cakes are favoured by all dogs, even the fussy eaters, making them the perfect way to celebrate not only a birthday, but a puppy school graduation too!


dog cake with bone biscuits on top
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Creamy, fluffy cupcakes…for your pup

Taking the social media world by storm is the one and only Auckland-based, Pupcakes. Well-known for bringing barking good treats to Kiwi canines, these guys believe that us as humans shouldn’t be having all the fun. So, their vision: to create special moments and celebrations for Kiwi fur babies and their human pawrents. Just a tad cute, right?! Their mini packs of pupcakes come in boxes of 4, 6 or 12, ranging from anywhere between $16 and $44. Delicious mini treat sized cupcakes made with human grade, health beneficial ingredients including locally sourced products such as Pics Peanut Butter and New Zealand honey, these pupcakes will have your dog begging for more. And with Louie, the team’s number one pupcake taste tester on hand, you can be assured each batch of pupcakes that goes out the door, tastes as good as the last. These treats are available for pick up from Beach Haven, Auckland or better yet, can be delivered to your home every Saturday.


Cupcake for dog
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The home of cakes too good to eat

The next canine cakery on our list is an absolute must see. With a range of cakes and treats so beautiful, you’ll find it hard to watch your dog demolish them within a few bites. Situated on Auckland’s North Shore, The Little Cake Co – Pet Bakery simply began with two people aspiring to create healthy treats for their beloved pets on their birthdays, otherwise known as barkdays. Treats that are made with love and the finest ingredients to help us celebrate our companions’ special day, and everyone knows it’s not a birthday without cake! Chief Eating Officer Lily the Shiba doesn’t let a cake go past without ensuring the quality is up to scratch by her standards (and might we say, those standards are high!) With treats that are delicious, healthy and exclusive to The Little Cake Co, you seriously can’t go past ordering one of these cute cakes for your canines next celebration!


dog birthday cake
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For a quick doggie snack, head to Smack Bang

Whilst Auckland shows off its expertise in the dog cakes department, Wellington sure has what it takes to come out on top with their pup bakery and pet supplies store, Smack Bang. Not only a good looking shop selling human homewares with a pet twist, but a cute little bakery selling treats baked fresh for your pup with dog friendly, human-grade ingredients. Located on College Street in Te Aro, Wellington, Smack Bang finely creates personalised bone biscuits for those extra special pups. Made up of coconut oil, rice flour, free-range eggs and honey, these biccies are stamped with a personalised name, making them totally unique to your furry friend!


personalised dog biscuits
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 If you began this article having never celebrated your four-legged friends special day, we’d think by now you might be feeling a little bit guilty. Whether it’s exploring nature together, going on new adventures or even binge-watching movies on the couch side-by-side, our furry friends truly are our best pals. So why not spoil your pup this coming birthday? No matter if they’re one year old or ten, we know they’ll appreciate and adore whatever you do for them. And we can guarantee, a dog friendly cake is sure to keep them loyal.

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