Birkenhead Brewing Company – Calling all beer enthusiasts

Possibly the most dog friendly eatery in Auckland.

Built into a classic 100-year-old Kauri villa, Birkenhead Brewing Company (affectionately known as ‘BBC’) is a neighbourhood institution. It’s clear to see that the locals love it and we’re not just talking about the local humans. This welcoming North Shore eatery is possibly one of the most dog friendly businesses we’ve visited – from a Celebrity Dog Wall to dogs sitting at the bar, read on for more on your new favourite watering hole.

dog friendly eatery birkenhead brewing company

Big dogs, little dogs and every dog in between – all are welcome at BBC. In fact, when asked where dogs are allowed in the bar, owner Steve simply said “There’s one place that’s off-limits”, drawing an imaginary barrier across the kitchen entrance with a chuckle. It’s important to mention that Steve is a true dog lover and you can see that by how he welcomes every four-legged friend with open arms.

There’s only one place that’s off-limits to dogs.

It was a stormy Saturday afternoon when I visited, but the weather failed to dampen the spirits of BBC’s loyal following. Dogs and their owners were set up inside, settling in for a lazy afternoon of great food, drink and company, while larger groups spilled out into the covered and heated outdoor area. A pair of Doodles playfully wrestled while their owners sat at a table next to them, catching up and laughing over a brew.

birkenhead brewing company food

The place to go for hearty homestyle food with your dog.

While offering up Birkenhead’s finest craft beer and hearty homestyle feed, BBC also happens to have the friendliest staff around. Steve is very much involved with both his business and his customers, making for a relaxed atmosphere that feels homely and inviting. In all honesty, this awesome little spot gave off some major Rovers Return Inn vibes. I’m not talking about the decor, but the epic sense of familiarity shared by so many of the bar-goers. There were quite clearly a few ‘regulars’, who pop on in for a catch-up with Steve and his staff, order their ‘usual’ and take their same seat at the bar – with their dog pulling up a stool next to them, of course. A quick look at the BBC Facebook will back me up here – it’s like a fun little family where the customers know Steve and Steve knows them. Cheers, anyone?

dog friendly eatery birkenhead brewing company

If you’re in a sharing mood, our pick is the Crayfish Arancini or Grilled Halloumi Stack. Spread the love and the good food, before moving onto the main event with the Lamb Shank or Pie of the Week – served on creamy mash. Both of those bad boys you’ll want to keep to yourself!

Beer lovers, rejoice! BBC boldly offers over 75 craft beers, ciders and sours so you can settle in and sip to your taste buds’ content. If that’s not enough for you, head on up to their regular ‘Dark Secrets’ event, where you can learn about dark beers, along with beer and food pairings. In my opinion, Sunday evenings at BBC are where it’s at, with Sunday Roast served up just like your mum used to make it.

Get your dog on the Celebrity Dog Wall.

Anyway, I digress. Without a doubt, the focal point of BBC is the ‘Celebrity Dog Wall’, where visiting pooches have their photograph proudly displayed. Pups such as Charlie, Max and Ollie all smile back at me from polaroid prints, their names emblazoned beneath. It’s a celebration of the bar’s four-legged clientele and we have to say – we are absolutely here for it.

dog friendly eatery birkenhead brewing company

I’m often asked for the most dog-friendly eatery on the North Shore and will continue to plug BBC proudly. It really is a haven for those who enjoy sharing their social life with their dog. Summer or winter, it’s like going to your best friend’s home where you know you can relax, kick your feet up and forget your worries for a bit. What are you waiting for – I’ll see you there!

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