The new dog shampoo that’s pricking our ears

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Chances are if you’re a social media user you will have seen a spanking new dog shampoo brand making the rounds on Instagram and TikTok. PUPP is its name and ‘luxury for less’ is its game.

Sure, we love PUPP for its off-beat social marketing style, but most of all we are obsessed with their gentle formula, sleek packaging and pocket-friendly price. Sitting at just $14.99, this SLS and paraben-free brand will keep both your wallet and your pup smiling.

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Locally owned and locally developed dog shampoo.

PUPP is locally owned right here in New Zealand, focusing on treating our dogs to the best skin and coat care while reducing the number of nasties we apply to their skin and coat.

PUPP’s ethos is all very simple yet profoundly important when it comes to the complexities of canine coat and skin health. PUPP hasn’t cut any corners, in fact, they have worked with vets and professional dog groomers to ensure an invigorating cleanse, at an affordable price. You may have seen the movement against human skin and haircare containing harsh sulfates and additives, so it’s not surprising pet owners are taking heed when choosing beauty products for their furry friends.

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All of the luxury with none of the nasties.

Free of SLS, parabens, cocamide MEA and fragrances, PUPP harnesses the power of colloidal oatmeal – a beauty powerhouse created by processing oats into a fine powder for mixing into formulations. Widely known for its reparative and moisturising effects, colloidal oatmeal is your number one ingredient for soothing and calming sensitive or compromised skin.

Moving along to the minimalistic, ultra decor-friendly packaging, PUPP shampoo bottles are created using Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic, and all shipping packaging is home compostable. That’s a win-win in our books – we love a brand that is conscious about minimising its environmental footprint and we also love a brand that looks amazing in our home. Whatsmore, PUPP donates $1 of every bottle sold to animal rehabilitation and rehoming charities throughout New Zealand, so while you’re pampering your own pup you know you’re doing your bit for those less fortunate.

Last but not least, PUPP is proud to be a cruelty-free brand, with absolutely no animal testing happening during its formulation or production phase. Standing by their dedication to transparency, a full ingredients list and factory information is available on their website,

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All hail colloidal oatmeal!

Using PUPP dog shampoo for the first time, I noticed the lack of foaming action, which I enjoyed as I know that foaming can be a sign of heavy use of sulfates and detergents. With Millie having very sensitive skin and frequent bouts of itchy dryness, this is a big tick for me. Despite this, it’s easy to spread into the coat and massage into the skin. I found quite a bit of grime coming out in the water even though she is bathed regularly, so while being gentle, I know PUPP was doing its job and cleansing effectively. The lack of fragrance was refreshing, as I could rest assured that there were no additives that were going to set off her gentle skin. Rinsing the formula out of her fur was a breeze and after a thorough dry, I found Millie’s short coat to be gleaming and particularly soft, while her skin seemed less inflamed and her itching had subsided. All hail colloidal oatmeal!

All in all, PUPP is the dog shampoo essential your pup needs in their beauty regimen – especially if they suffer from dermatitis, sensitive skin, itching or are particularly active and require regular bathing. Yes, Millie does have a dedicated shelf in the bathroom, and I can safely say that PUPP is now an absolute staple on said shelf. Luxury products at pocket-friendly prices? I’m sold and I can guarantee you will be too.

To purchase PUPP and donate $1 to animal charities, head over to

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