Dog on Restaurant – Pizza, Pupsticks and Pie

It’s easy to admit, the food we know we shouldn’t eat a lot of is usually the stuff we love the most. Pies, pizza and fried chicken are undoubtedly some of our all time faves to indulge in – who can blame us? They’re just so. damn. good. 


After all, nothing truly beats a melt-in-your-mouth hot and meaty pie on a cold, dreary night. Even the thought of a greasy, cheesy stuffed-crust pizza makes our mouths water – ugh, is it dinner time yet? Us humans love it. More than that, we love to eat it. But nothing is worse than getting comfy on the couch, pizza slice en route to consumption when suddenly you look down, locking eyes with your furry friend. Your best, furry friend sitting there on the floor like such a good boy, looking longingly up at you and your steamy pizza slice. For us, it’s the puppy dog eyes. 


Luckily for the paw-rents of New Zealand, the days of giving in to the guilt are over. Let us introduce to you, Dog on Restaurant: A gourmet, hand-made dog food service delivered right to your door.  

dog with food

A bunch of pet owners just like you and me, the team behind Dog on Restaurant know all dog owners want to share special moments with their furry friends. Whether it be travelling together, fun activities or even partying together, we love to do it all with our dogs! But when it comes to food, more often than not, it’s simply not possible to bring along our pooch. Dog on Restaurant has cracked this problem with a solution that’ll have both you and your pup jumping for joy. By creating human-like gourmet dog food like pizza, fried chicken, sushi, pies and birthday cakes it’s now easier than ever to celebrate a special event at home, with your pup too. 


dog food

Winner winner chicken sushi dinner

With a menu boasting the likes of salmon pizza with kumara stuffed crust, boneless chicken pupsticks (drumsticks for dogs), black sesame chicken sushi, chicken pie and carrot & apple chicken cake just to name a few, your dog will be spoilt for choice indulging in the 100% natural deliciousness that is Dog on Restaurant. Nothing artificial and zero preservatives, these dog friendly treats are made with love. And the secret ingredient? Simply human-grade food. With fresh lean beef and chicken used in each and every creation, essential nutrients and water content remain as they should, making the food just as edible by you and I (but let’s just keep this stuff for the dogs, yeah?)

dog with birthday cake

So tell your dog the good news! Gone are the days of mediocre canned meat and dry kibble. Spoil your dog at your next celebratory event, on their birthday or just because you love them! We can guarantee these gourmet eats will go down a treat with your furry friend. 

dog chicken sushi


Check out Dog on Restaurant here, place your order and have the goodies delivered right to your door! And keep an eye out for the Dog on Restaurant dine-in eatery coming soon. That’s right, a dine-in restaurant experience solely for the dogs. Now there’s really no excuse to not treat your pup to the absolute best!


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