Bringing Bali to New Zealand: Gisborne’s Villa Sol

You’ll be forgiven for thinking you have just come off a ten-hour flight arriving in Bali! From the minute you walk through the 400-year-old Balinese door and step foot in the private courtyard of this stunning home, breathe and relax because… you are on holiday!


Offering dog friendly accommodation in the sunny, coastal city of Gisborne, Villa Sol is the destination dreams are made of and better yet, it’s not a ten-hour flight away…not even close! 

Get your pup’s passport ready because if driving’s not an option (South Islander’s, we feel you), hop aboard an Air New Zealand flight with your pup as check-in luggage and enjoy the brisk journey to the first city in the world to see the sun – sounds dreamy, right?


Grown in popularity over recent years, Gisborne is quickly making its mark as one of New Zealand’s best-kept yoga and surf secrets which is exactly why this global-inspired, three-bedroom villa on the East Coast makes for a perfect fit in this laidback city. 

Enjoy a beautiful expansive deck overlooking views of Gisborne and Young Nick’s Head as you practice yoga, swim in the pool or opt to wind down on the outdoor loungers – all in ultimate luxury. 


Treat your toes to the cooling floors of polished concrete as you take in the stunning surroundings of terracotta-coloured finishings, authentic kilim handwoven cushions and solid wood benchtops – an interior designers dream! 

A perfect place for dog parents, Villa Sol sits adjacent to Gisborne’s Turanga Gardens and the Valley Road Walkway – a dog friendly, semi-rural area for your canine companion to explore. And with multiple parks and beaches around the area also dog friendly and may we add, off-leash too, Gisborne proves itself as one dog friendly city packed full of adventure (if you can bear the thought of actually leaving the stunning Villa Sol, that is). 

Whilst for some, Villa Sol may be best enjoyed in the heat of summer, opening opportunities to bask on the deck and chill off in the pool, we can guarantee this stunning holiday home will provide a getaway just as good in winter as it is in summer. Picture this: curling up on the couch, roaring fireplace in the background, red in hand and four-legged friend by your side. It truly can’t be beat. 


Check out Villa Sol on AirBnb and book a stay today – what are you waiting for? 


For more information on dog friendly areas in Gisborne, check out Gisborne District Council.

For more information on flying with pets, check out Air New Zealand. 


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